This is an ode to the people daring to do things differently. Why use two wheels, when you can use one? Join us as we explore freestyle unicycles, giraffe unicycles and for the adrenaline seekers among you, mountain unicycles.  For those teetering on the edge of curiosity we’re shedding light on the ideal beginner unicycles

Diabolo Article

What comes up, must come down…rather fast and hopefully landing onto a string. Playing with the Diabolo dates back over 1,000 years, during that time its passed through the hands of nobility and peasantry and rolled across seas and channels leaving its mark across the globe.

Yo-yo beginner to Yo-yo pro

In todays post we unravel the very interesting history of the Yo-yo, help you beginners on your journey to turning pro and explore the different types of Yo-yo available to you. Here at Flames ‘N Games we have a premium selection of professionals Yo-yos and Yo-yo accessories for users of all abilities, so why not

Hula wants to Hoops

HISTORY: The craze that went crazy. The modern hoops we use today were invented back in 1958 but spinning hoops around parts of the body has been going on for much longer, all around the world. Although its exact origins can’t be pinpointed, the movements of Hula hooping and using a hoop in dance were

The wonderful world of Poi Spinning

Are you ready to express yourself with this dynamic and captivating performance art and join the global community of Poisters? Awaiting you is a wild and engaging physical activity that’s less intense than martial arts but requires its level of focus, and less physical than competitive sports but requires its level of commitment. With Poi

Juggling Mad. History & Technique

It’s so much more than just catching juggling balls. It’s the key to unlocking your super powers. It increases your power of concentration, develops your mental and physical agility, improves your Hand-eye coordination, calms an over active mind and eases your worries. And you thought it was just to look cool. Which it also does.

Upcoming Juggling Events

Looking for something to do for this long and hopefully very warm summer? Then why not head down to one of the many juggling and circus events going on around the country? Send us your images and the best ones will go on our website and social media to! Sheffield Circus Skills Convention 2017 –

Juggling History - Learn How to Juggle

Hello, fellow jugglers! First of all, we’re delighted that so many of you have visited our new website, and we’re very happy with the feedback that we have been receiving, so thank you very much! As you may know, we stock a lot of equipment for many weird and wonderful styles of skill toys, circus

Play festival is back!

If you like all things circusy, having fun with a friendly community of individuals, learning new skills and making new friends while dancing to music and watching the finest shows then PLAY Festival is the perfect little festival for you. PLAY Festival will be held from Wednesday 17 August to Sunday 21 August 2016 in our

watch Jose’s mind blowing diabolo  skills using the Mr Babache Finesse G4 diabolos