Leading Brands

At Flames 'N Games we are one of the largest distributors of juggling equipment. We supply circus toys and props from 27 different manufacturers to both retail and trade customers. We have over 10 years of experience in supplying all kinds of juggling, circus and fire props to circuses, schools, other juggling retailers, retail customers, professional jugglers and circus workshops. We sell a wide range of products including diabolos, Yo-Yos, clubs, juggling balls, foot bags, unicycles, LED equipment, fire props, frisbees, slacklines and even swords! Not only do we sell and distribute our own range of juggling equipment but we also sell products from some of the top manufacturers in this industry, this allows us to supply only the very best in performance, quality and value to our valued customers.

Aerobie (4)
Butterfingers (7)
Duncan YoYos (18)
Efreet YoYos (3)
Metal Fire Yo Yo by Efreet
Epic Juggling (2)
Firetoys Fire Spinning Props (16)
Firetoys Juggling Circus
Flairco Bar Flair Bottles (11)
Flames N Games Juggling Equipment (130)
Freaks Juggling Props (5)
Freaks Unlimited Juggling
Fyrefli Fire Equipment (6)
Fyrefli Fire Juggling Equipment
Gora Juggling (14)
Gora Fire Spinning and Juggling Equipment
Henrys Juggling Equipment (50)
HyperSpin (5)
Indy Unicycles (13)
Infinity Metal YoYos (7)
Juggle Dream Juggling Equipment (54)
Juggle Light LED Juggling Equipment (7)
LED Juggling - Glow Juggling Equipment
Kendama (8)
Kosmos Professional LED Equipment (7)
Macaco (1)
Maverick (3)
MKS (3)
Mr Babache Juggling Equipment (25)
Oddballs Juggling (5)
Play Juggling Equipment (31)
Pro Gaff (5)
Prolloon (4)
QU-AX Unicycles (34)
Qualatex (18)
Sundia Diabolos (5)
Sundia Professional Diabolos
Taibolo Pro Diabolos (4)
Top Flight (7)
UDC (1)
V-Cube (9)
Voltige (3)
Yomega YoYos (1)
Yomega Pro Yo Yos
YoYoY (1)