Here we have yet another form of juggling which requires the juggler to utilise their own sense of balance as the main aspect of the performance. Balancing has long been a popular aspect of circus performers…who can forget seeing the tight rope walkers as a child, and wondering how on earth they can achieve those feats! To learn to juggle items whilst using a balance prop such as the rolla bolla you will first need to learn each skill separately to grasp complete control of juggling. Why not have a look through our juggling ball sets or diabolo sets for something to practice with to use with your balance props.

At Flames ‘N’ Games we offer an extremely wide range of circus and balancing props which offer endless fun for enthusiasts of any age! As well as safety, stability and the top quality product that every professional performer will be looking for. Kids and adults alike can use some of the props we sell like the pedal-go and wooden stilts with little to no experience whilst others like walking ladders, and walking globes are recommended for the more advanced balancers.
Safety should always come first, and for this reason, we strongly recommend receiving proper tuition before attempting these skills and ensuring you have adequate protection (knee and elbow pads, helmets and shoes).

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