Giraffe Unicycles

For the more extreme unicyclists in the circus world, we have these immense Giraffe unicycles.
Achieve high (pun intended!) audience impact with the Qu-Ax Alloy Giraffe unicycle…size does matter! At almost seven-feet tall, this really is a spectacular machine. Once you battle the nerves of mounting a unicycle considerably taller than you, the ride is actually pretty easy to master. The great height gives you improved stability and more time to correct yourself – similar in that balancing a broom handle vertically on your palm is easier than balancing a pencil.

We wouldn’t recommend this to anyone other than experienced unicyclists since you do have a very long way to fall if you’re unlucky! However if you are a proficient unicyclist with the confidence to give this unicycle a go, then have a browse. As always with unicycles, be safe near roads. For the smaller or less experienced unicyclist, have a good look at our kids starter unicycles and adult trainer unicycle.

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