Originally invented in China over one thousand years ago, the diabolo is a truly classic toy. Introduced to the Western world during the 20th Century, the diabolo has undertaken great change to become the ever popular toy that it is today. These days, diabolos can come in many different sizes and are normally made from a rigid rubber or rubber/plastic combination for extra durability, safety, and speed. Diabolos with a larger cup size and weight such as the Mr Babache Finesse G4, and the Glary Taibolo tend to retain their spinning momentum for longer, whereas smaller and lighter diabolos like the </a”>Juggle Dream Jester diabolo may have reduced overall spin time, but can be thrown higher and are easier to accelerate to high speeds. Rubber diabolos such as the Mr Babache Harlequin are less prone to breakage and surface scuffs, whilst rigid plastic diabolos with a clutch axle can come in an array of semi-transparent colours like the Quartz 2 triple bearing diabolo, which are great for adding LED kit attachments. These variants make the whole act of diabolo play a very interesting avenue in the juggling world.

A huge variety of tricks and moves are possible using a good set of diabolo handsticks, and diabolo string. Once single diabolo tricks are mastered, many jugglers may like to move on to multiple diabolos simultaneously! And for those who like to play after the Sun has gone down, don’t forget that there are fantastically bright LED kit attachments that we mentioned earlier, that can easily be fitted on to the ends of the axle. And of course for the pyromaniacs amongst us, there is always the fire diabolos!

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