Diabolo Handsticks

The handsticks are a vital part to your diabolo set. Of course, without them you won’t be able to get that diabolo spinning up to high speeds! We have a variety of sticks of different lengths and made from different materials. Some diaboloists may prefer longer, lighter sticks such as the Henrys long carbon sticks . Or you may be starting out from scratch and only require the inexpensive, but good quality wooden handsticks. Some fancy tricks that can be done with the handsticks include the well-known stick grinds. (These handsticks are to the diabolos what the wooden handsticks are to the flowersticks!)

All sticks apart from the wooden ones come with a handy foam grip, which enables you to hold on firmly to the sticks without too much pressure. The handsticks come pre-loaded with a 1.5m length of diabolo string. If you require more, then head on over to the diabolo string section to purchase some reels of different lengths. Note that 1.5m is the standard string length for diabolo handsticks, but play about with different lengths to suit your own style.

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