Diabolo LED Kits

Now, for something really special to add to your diabolo. LED kits are an inexpensive way to add some real visual quality to your diabolo skills. They are very simple to attach, and make night time diabolo play a real treat. If you have not quite reached the level of the fire diabolos yet, then these are a perfect item.
We have kits for all Juggle Dream diabolos, which contain three user replaceable LR44 cell batteries.

The batteries power three incredibly bright LEDs. These kits look especially good on the semi-transparent diabolos such as the Quartz 2 diabolo. The semi-transparency of these diabolos allows the light from the LED kits to shine through the cups. And a rechargeable, YES, rechargeable kit for Mr Babache diabolos! With your diabolo spinning at high speeds and flying through the night sky, be prepared to attract some attention of fellow glow staff and glow club jugglers!

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