Diabolo String

Another vital component to your diabolo set is the string. The string is attached to both ends of your handsticks, and is the part that spins the diabolo up to speed using pulls and whips. We have a variety of reel lengths for you to choose from…the smallest being 10m reels, and we stock all the way up to 100m. A standard length of string for playing with your diabolo is 1.5m….so out of the smallest 10m reel, you will get just under seven lengths worth!

The spare reels are especially handy if you are going away to a festival, for instance. Knowing that you have spare string with you will keep you feeling at ease.
Our own branded Ultra Spin string range, we feel, has great frictional properties, and will not fray nearly as much as lesser quality strings.
We also stock string from the famous Henrys range too!

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