Bearing Diabolos (Clutch-One Way)

Here we have the cream of the crop!
These diabolos have a special ball-bearing system within the centre of the axle that allows the diabolo to be spun up to high speeds, and then to continue spinning with the minimum of friction. The clutch inside the axle will only allow the diabolo to spin one way…therefore giving a “biting point” for getting the diabolo spinning fast using the string…(or anything else if you’re a real pro)!
The axles come with either a single-bearing, (diabolos such as the Juggle Dream Big Top and Sundia Fly), or a triple-ball bearing system (diabolos such as the Cyclone Quartz 2.

The benefits of this system include being able to spin the diabolo up to three times longer, the ability to balance the diabolo on your finger due to the wider axle and less friction, and to just look damn cool in front of your juggling friends!
The only drawback is that you will need to keep your diabolos’ axle relatively free from sand or excess dust which could get inside and wear down the bearings. This is unlikely, but always keep this in mind when playing on the beach, for instance.
When you’ve mastered this, why not try diabolo-ing whilst balancing on a walking globe!

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