Fire Diabolos

Have you mastered your diabolo skills and fancy something a bit more challenging?
Do you secretly love the sights and sounds of a good flame??
Well, a fire diabolo could be the next best thing to fuel your love for this amazing toy! (If you’re not quite ready for the flames yet, then have a look out our LED and glow in the dark range.

Here we have two highly recommended fire diabolos for you to take a look at.
They are constructed from strong steel and are polished to be reflective, giving your flame even more visual impact. The wicks are wound and pushed tightly into a small chamber within the axle of the diabolo. This is highly beneficial in that the small chamber acts like a reservoir for the fuel, meaning that burn times with the diabolos are extended.
Because the rotational direction of the spin is centrifugal, it doesn’t spill out nearly as much unburned fuel as, say, a fire staff or a fire hoop would. The holes in the cups allow for a greater air flow, increasing the burn characteristics of the fuel. **Fire diabolos are only to be used by experienced jugglers over the age of 18, while taking all the necessary safety precautions. We do not supply the fuel but recommend using only paraffin or lamp oil which can be bought at any DIY store.**

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