Glow & LED Diabolos

Are you a night owl who wants to be able to spin a diabolo at night, but not ready for the the fire diabolos yet?
Then you have arrived at the right section.
We have a selection of diabolos that have built-in battery operated LED components on the ends of the axle, which shine brightly with a variety of colours. When the diabolo is spinning, these multicoloured lights blend together to create a fascinating spectacle that will amaze and dazzle everyone around. You don’t have to be a professional diabolist to turn heads with these diabolos!

Alternatively, if you already have a regular diabolo, then head on over to the <uLED kit attachments section to see if we have something for you to add to your diabolo. There is also a unique “glow in the dark” diabolo in the form of the Mr Babache Millenium Glow. Requires no batteries, and no other components. Just a few minutes of light to “charge” the diabolo.
This is has the same great glow properties that’s used on the moonshine devilsticks and moonshine practice staff.

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