Classic Diabolos (Fixed Axle)

Here we have stocked the most common type of diabolo!
They comprise of two rubber/plastic cups on each end, coupled together with a central axle. The axle itself is fixed in place, unlike the bearing diabolo range which has a freely rotating central axle. This allows just enough friction for the diabolo to be manipulated, whilst giving it a good spin time.

These diabolos are recommended for absolute beginners and upwards, as they can be easily manipulated into impressive spins and throws using basic string techniques.
Don’t forget to check out our range of media for tips on fantastic tricks and moves to learn and show off!
They come in various weights and sizes from the heaviest of the bunch in the form of the Henrys Circus and the Mr Babache Finesse G4, to the very popular and light Juggle Dream Jester and the tiny micro mini Arlekino diabolos . Have a browse and pick out your favourite colour.

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