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Fire performance dates back from the Ancient Aztecs who performed a fire dance to their god of fire, Xiuhtecuhtli. Fire juggling has really got to be the most ultimate and intense form of juggling out there! When mankind discovered fire thousands of years ago, the idea of throwing and catching objects on fire was probably not on his mind! The skill set involved in fire juggling and spinning is the same as standard ball juggling and poi spinning, but with the added visual impressiveness of the bright flames! From props such as fire diabolos, fire juggling balls , fire hula hoops and many more wonderful items, you’ll never be at a loose end as to what to try next. There are many fire spinning and fire hooping clubs around the country to join, or just pop down to your local park and start your own fire spinning club!

All of our fire equipment and loose loose wicking use 100% Para-Aramid fibre…AKA Kevlar. This is very strong and robust and will last for many burns, however, try not to use alcohol-based fuels as they burn hotter and will reduce the life of your wick. **Fire juggling props are only to be used by experienced jugglers over the age of 18, while taking all the necessary safety precautions. We do not supply the fuel but recommend using only paraffin or lamp oil which can be bought at any DIY store.**

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