Fire Poi

We manufacture a range of high quality, safe & durable fire spinning poi sets right here in the warehouse. They are constructed from the finest steel parts, and very high-quality wicks. All the wicks retain a substantial amount of fuel to increase burn times to over five minutes. This is the final step in poi spinning in terms of experience level, so if you have mastered the art of spinning using the classic fabric poi, then this would be your goal!

If you are not quite ready for the fire poi yet, then we have the glorious LED glow poi sets that you can buy to really light up your evening of spinning. These have the roughly the same weight as the fuel soaked fire poi, so are a very good alternative. **Fire poi are only to be used by experienced jugglers over the age of 18, while taking all the necessary safety precautions. We do not supply the fuel but recommend using only paraffin or lamp oil which can be bought at any DIY store.**

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