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Hula hooping is a very recognisable and respected sport, and not just a pastime from your childhood! In recent years, hooping has had a resurgence and is now popular with children and adults alike. With the development of hoop dance and hoop fitness classes, adults are now turning to hula-hooping as a fun way to exercise. At Flames ‘N’ Games, we manufacture all our own hoops including weighted hula hoops, kids hula hoops, to fire hula hoops and collapsible hula hoops for the travellers amongst you.

All hoops are 100cm, 90cm or 85cm in diameter. However, if you need a custom sized hoop, then please contact us, and we’ll give you a friendly quote! There is a wide range of colours and textured tapes to choose from to suit everyone. A perfect item for a family activity outing, hooping at the park, or for your own fitness routines. We have a range of hoop DVDs and books/font> for helping you along your way with you hooping and hoop dance!

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