Adult Hula Hoops

Certainly the most popular section we have, these adult hoops at 100cm in diameter, are fantastic for teenagers and adults alike for juggling, fitness/exercise, or just for plain fun! All our hula hoops can be folded down to half the size to enable easy travel, so you can take them to a festival along with your poi and yoyo. They all have a handy connector with a small metal tab to prevent the hoop from coming apart. Such a selection of colours and textures to choose from may seem daunting, but we’ve provided some excellent quality photos so that you can find exactly the colour that you would like. Why not check out our LED hoops and glow in the dark hoops for more hooping fun.

Our strong and hollow hoop pipes are 25mm thick, and have a natural weight that is comfortable on the body. Our range of hoop dance DVDs are there to help you along you way to hooping stardom! Hooping and hoop-dance and hoop stage performances are very popular these days, so be sure to look out for a hula-hoop club near you, and recommend our hoops to your hooping friends!

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