Glow In the Dark Hula Hoops

Our glow in the dark hoops are a fantastic budget and safer alternative to fire hoop and LED hoop. They are constructed by us here in the Flames ‘N’ Games warehouse, and are made from the same great quality plastic piping that the kids and adult hoops are made from. They are strong yet slightly flexible and can be be used for a variety of different spinning tricks and moves.

The high-energy glow tape (210 mcd/m2) is the same that we use on our glow practice staff and moonshine devilstick, and has fantastic glow properties meaning that it will glow for almost 12 hours after only a small “charge” under a bright light or the Sun. It’s also waterproof, so you can be sure that if it lands in a puddle, you can just wipe it clean. This hoop can also be made into a collapsible hoop for easy transportation.

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