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We stock a truly massive range of juggling balls, with by far the most popular ball being the thud juggling balls. Juggling balls are not just limited to the standard three-ball underarm throws, they are also used to form more creative juggling patterns involving various throws around the body, blind throws, and catches, as well as throwing and catching them with other parts of the body – (the Tri-it juggling sacks, and
hacky sacks AKA “foot bags” are great for foot and neck catches). The more advanced jugglers among you could juggle between four and seven balls at a time, and a select group of jugglers can juggle even more than seven balls at once!

We have more than just the standard seed-filled soft balls, there are plenty of LED juggling balls,
and even fire juggling balls
to choose from in different sizes and weights. Remember, all of the juggling ball bargain sets come with a free Flames ‘N Games travel bag as standard! And there is an array of juggling ball media to learn from.

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