Bounce Juggling Balls

We stock a wonderful range of bounce juggling balls!
From the original bouncing ball by Oddballs, to the high-quality Mr Babache products, we’ve got them all! A slightly unusual form of juggling compared to that of normal juggling, in that the ball is bounced off of various surfaces and caught again on the way back to the juggler. Multiple bounce balls can be used and when you’ve mastered the art, so see how many you can handle!

The rebound qualities of these balls are as much as up to 90%… so there is very little energy lost in the bounce, meaning more quality air time, and accurate trajectories. If you are already pretty good at juggling normal seed-filled balls, then try your hand at these. The only disadvantage to bounce balls is that if you miss a catch, you may be in for a run to catch the ball! These are proving popular with skill-toy juggers too.

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