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Contact ball juggling is a form of juggling art that usually uses relatively heavy clear acrylic balls and focuses on the movement of the balls whilst in permanent contact with the body. Having little in common with “toss” juggling, it most typically involves the rolling of one or more transparent acrylic balls on the hands, arms, and body to create visual illusions and graceful and fluid patterns. Some jugglers like to perform this whilst balancing on items such as the rolla bolla and walking globes.

“Body rolling” is a form of manipulation that includes tricks such as head rolling, isolations, butterfly, and palm spinning. This is created by the manipulation of one or more spheres in each hand and is always in continual motion. Check out our contact juggling media page for books and DVDs explain these in more detail. If you’re not quite confident enough with using the acrylic balls, we have two sizes of rubber practice contact balls to buy.

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