Fire Juggling Balls

Now for the most visually impressive product in the ball juggling arena …fire juggling balls! The same principal as standard thud ball juggling applies here, but with the added challenge of flame. Currently, there is only one supreme product in this range, and it is The Fyrefli Fire Juggling Balls. They are the first and only fire juggling balls you can use without the need for fire proof gloves. A spiral, fire-proof cage surrounds the central wick and fuel reservoir. The cage ensures the flames stay at least one inch above your hands (provided you only hold the fire balls from below) allowing you to juggle fire with your bare hands!

If you’re a fire-starter, then don’t forget to have a look at our other fire products such as the fire staffs , fire devil sticks , and fire diabolos . **Fire juggling balls are only to be used by experienced jugglers over the age of 18, while taking all the necessary safety precautions. We do not supply the fuel but recommend using only paraffin or lamp oil which can be bought at any DIY store.**

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