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Are you looking for a colourful element to your juggling skills? If you’ve already mastered the art of multiple ball juggling, then you’re at the right section. Below are various type of juggling balls with outer coatings made from leather, to soft suede.
Juggling balls are by far the most easily recognizable product in any juggling and circus range, and you’re not a fully-rounded circus juggler until you’ve owned your own set of juggling balls! These are also great for beginners as there is no risk of injury due to the soft nature of the balls, and their tough skin can withstand drops from high altitudes.

These listings are for single balls, but you can add more to your basket and mix up the many colours that we have on offer. To add a fun twist to your juggling skills, we have the Tri-it pyramid sacks that are easier to hold due to having less filling than the juggling balls and travel with slightly less speed to aid practising. Why not mix and match, and juggle with different types of toys. The possibilities are endless.
Be sure to check out our juggling rings , and juggling hats range for something a little different!

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