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Juggling Clubs are used by both professional jugglers and budding juggling enthusiasts alike. They might look hard and cumbersome to play with, but in fact it only takes a few hours of practice to get used to the weight and balance to perform some basic routines. Most people who can already juggle with three juggling balls or juggling rings will find it a little easier to juggle with clubs, but complete beginners are not as disadvantaged as you may think!

Juggling clubs come in quite a few shapes and sizes. There are also fire juggling torches for the bolder jugglers out there. The size of these items means that practising indoors may be a little restricting if there is a low ceiling, so you would need to take all info into consideration before choosing which ones are right for you. We naturally have a range of instructional media especially for club juggling to help you along your way too.

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