LED – Glow Juggling Clubs

These clubs are designed for the club juggler who would like to experiment with coloured lights, to visually enhance their profession. Unlike the fire torches, these clubs can be used indoors and outdoors alike. The bright LED components in these clubs will never cease to amaze, as the club spins the LEDs blend together to form a wonderful array of colours! Very similar to the diabolo LED kids that are fixed to the diabolo axles.

They are battery operated and some of them can be recharged using special charging packs. Have a look through our range and pick out the best ones that suit your needs. These LED clubs can be quite weighty, so if you’re just starting out, you may like to view our plastic trainer clubs section to acquaint yourself with some lighter clubs. We have a wide range of books and DVD’s to help you along your way, so be sure to have a look at these!

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