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For the more delicate end of the fire juggling spectrum, we have these wonderful fire swinging torches. From a distance at night time, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these were fire poi due to the elegance in which they can be used. In fact, they are a small wick on the end of a thin aluminium tube, with a plastic ball on the other end for easy handling. There are some great moves that you can achieve with these swinging torches, to match anyone else using fire staffs or fire diabolo.

The wicks may be small, but they have a surprisingly long burn time due to having less surface area for the fuel to burn off. Many gracious moves can be achieved with this lightweight product, and can add a whole new dimension to your juggling skill set. **Fire swinging torches are ONLY to be used by experienced jugglers, and those who are over 18 years old!** Unfortunately, we do not sell the fuel at Flames ‘N Games. Fuels to look out for are Paraffin and Kerosene, but every fire spinner has a personal preference due to the residue, or flame colour.

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