Devils stick and flower stick (aka spin sticks, devilsticks, flower-sticks) manipulation is a form of juggling art that has always been popular amongst professional jugglers, circus acts, street jugglers and right down to beginners and kids. A thoroughly all-round juggling toy.
The fundamental skill involved in this form of play is to keep the main stick (devil/flower) aloft and moving, by using the handsticks (aka control sticks). This creates both a very impressive visual display due to the sheer variety of moves that can be performed, and also helps to develop great hand to eye co-ordination.

Flowersticks and devilsticks differ in small ways, but the most apparent is the tasselled ends of the flower sticks. These create friction due to air resistance which slows the stick somewhat, enabling more time to catch and manipulate the stick. This is especially handy for beginners and small children. We have some great bargain sets on sale, and also sell each individual item such as handsticks and books and DVDs separately too.

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