Devil Stick Handsticks

To play with your newly acquired devilstick, you will certainly need some handsticks (aka control sticks) to be able to juggle and manipulate your stick. Our top quality range of control hand sticks include either strong wooden or fibre glass cores, covered with an ultra-sticky silicone skin for maximum grip and control! The ends are finished off with a strong plastic cap which ensures that the silicone doesn’t slip up the stick whilst under heavy usage.

All of the devil stick hand sticks are made by us in our workshop here in the UK!
They are all of standard length, but if you wish to have some customised to a different length then please feel free to emailus for a quote! Have a look at our bargain sets range if you are a beginner starting out from scratch, as these contain the devil stick, a bag, books and DVDs and of course the handsticks too.

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