Fire Devil Sticks

Fire devil stick juggling is based on the same principals of play and manipulation as a wooden devil stick. If you have mastered the standard devil sticks, then this is the very next step up! A truly awesome visual display. All fire devil sticks we sell as part of our fire juggling equipment range have been fitted with top quality para-aramid kevlar wick allowing you to safely ignite your devil sticks at least a few hundred times before you need to re-wick them.

The aluminium tubing is the same that we use in the classic fire staffs, so you can be sure that it is of great quality and will last you for many years of fire devil-stick juggling. **Fire devil sticks are only to be used by experienced jugglers over the age of 18, while taking all the necessary safety precautions. We do not supply the fuel but recommend using only paraffin or lamp oil which can be bought at any DIY store.**

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