Flowers-sticks are a great easier alternative to the devil sticks, especially for beginners. The tassels on the ends reduce the speed of the motion in the air, enabling easier manipulation. Our range of flowersticks has grown over the years to a full array of sticks to suit any level of skill and budget! The flower sticks we make here in our UK workshop are designed to fulfil everyone’s needs, from the starter Flash flowerstick which are made from budget, but strong materials right through to the top of the range Camo flowerstick and Picasso flowersticks that are fitted with beautiful suede tasselled ends on super strong shafts.

The cores are covered with an ultra-thick silicone coating allowing for maximum grip & control when spinning. Our hand stick range has the same silicone coating, so when you are playing with your flowerstick you get loads of much needed grip to help you spin some great tricks!

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