Sock Poi

Sock poi are probably the most popular form of spinning poi in the juggling world. Very visually stimulating, sock poi is a favourite with both beginners and advanced poi spinners alike. They are perfect for tricks/moves such as stalls, air wraps, hyper-loops and wibbling. Most sock poi are made from a thin, strong material that has a small amount of stretch.

They have a small slit in the side allowing you to insert anything up to the size of a tennis ball into the end. This forms the bulk of the weight, and the beauty of this being that you customise the weight of your own poi. You could also secure smaller weights inside the handle end through the slit too, which can be held in place with a small knot. Try slipping a 70g thud juggling ball in one end, and a small sand filled small hacky sack in the other, and you’ll have a nice double weighted sock poi! Most of the sock poi range are highly reactive under UV light, but to add an excellent visual element, why not try adding a couple of LED glow balls inside the socks!

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