Staff Spinning

Staff (AKA stave or baton) spinning is probably one of the most natural and easily adopted skills in the juggling arena to pick up! For most budding spinners it should only take a few hours of practice to plot out a performable staff routine. Seasoned staff performers can manipulate multiple fire staffs at the same time, which is one of the most technical and visually stunning things in the circus/juggling world!

Staffs in our range start out at 100cm lengths, and end up at an impressive 160cm. We have products for indoor practice, and for the more daring performers, we have various sizes of fire staffs to compete with the fire devil sticks and fire poi, that can be purchased with different length wicks. If you’ve tried your hand at spinning diabolos, or juggling balls, then this could be your next avenue of interest. Check out some videos on our Youtube channel to get a flavour of what staff spinning is all about.

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