Advanced Yo-Yos 1A

An advanced yo yo display is something of great beauty, and if you have reached that point then you’ll obviously want the best product to be able to show off those impressive skills. Which such a wide variety of tricks and moves to be learnt, having a good yo-yo that you know will be able to cope with the throws and high-speed spins is essential.

Arguably, the best yo yo in this range is the Efreet fire yoyo…what better way to show off your yo-yoing skills than with the added beauty and skill of using flames! This is the cream of the crop when it comes to advanced yo yo play. Have a look around the yo-yos that we have on offer.
Yo yo tricks are grouped into codes from 1A to 5A. This 1A group of single yoyo tricks includes tricks like: “Double Trapeze”, “Rewind”, and “Boomerang”.

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