Offstring Yo-Yos 4A

While it may be counter intuitive to think about, yo-yo tricks that involve the yo-yo becoming completely detached from the string are entirely possible and are, in fact, very common! They are called “off-string” 4A tricks and for those of you who have progressed passed the intermediate stage will most likely want to learn these techniques. Some of these tricks are named: “Fast Wind for Offstring”, “Arm Orbits” and “Vertical Boingy-Boing”.

Our professional yo yo range from brands such as Henrys and Infinity are specially designed for off-string moves, and are manufactured to a high quality to ensure good spin-times and balance. Whilst we would recommend these for the more advanced yo yo player, they are relatively inexpensive so that you can purchase one to tinker with alongside learning the more standard tricks with yo-yos such as the Duncan Imperial or Henrys Lizard.

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