Upcoming Juggling Events

Looking for something to do for this long and hopefully very warm summer? Then why not head down to one of the many juggling and circus events going on around the country? Send us your images and the best ones will go on our website and social media to!

Sheffield Circus Skills Convention 2017 – 24th June 2017

Juggling Clubs 2017 – 30th June – 3rd July 2017

CircusWorks Festival 2017 – 16th – 20th August 2017

Play Festival 2017 – 16th-20th August 2017

Broxford Juggling Convention – 9th-17th September 2017

Camvention 2017 – 7th October 2017

Durham Juggling Convention – 20th-22nd October 2017

Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 8 – 11th November 2017

CATCH! – 22nd-27th July 2018

European Juggling Convention 2019 – 3rd-11th August 2019


Play festival is back!

If you like all things circusy, having fun with a friendly community of individuals, learning new skills and making new friends while dancing to music and watching the finest shows then PLAY Festival is the perfect little festival for you.

PLAY Festival will be held from Wednesday 17 August to Sunday 21 August 2016 in our new home Cabourne Parva in Lincolnshire.

You can find out more here

You may know Cabourne Parva as the home of the Jugglincolnvention however they’re having a break in 2016 and Anna Inman has not only introduced us to this amazing family run farm and community venue but has also come on board to the PLAY crew to help us with our relocation to Lincolnshire.