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These days Diabolos come in many different sizes and are normally made from some sort of rubber for extra durability, safety and speed. Diabolos with more weight tend to retain their momentum for longer, whereas small and light diabolos can be thrown higher and are easier to accelerate to high speeds. Rubber diabolos are less prone to breakage!

A huge variety of tricks are possible using a good set of Diabolo sticks, Diabolo string, and various body parts.

Once single diabolo tricks are mastered many jugglers like to go on to multiple manipulation of 2,3,4 diabolo etc.. and for those who like to play after the sun has gone down there are many LED Doabolo Kit atachments which can easily be fitted on and of cause for the pyromaniacs amongst us there is always the Fire Diabolos!


Categories in Diabolos

  • Diabolo Bargain Sets

    Diabolo Bargain Sets

    A range of Diabolo sets from budget to pro!
    Huge savings & great Gift sets!

  • Diabolo


    Massive range of diabolos to be bought individually or customise your own set with sticks & string of your choice!

  • Diabolo Sticks

    Diabolo Sticks

    We stock one of the largest selections of diabolo hand sticks around!

  • Diabolo String

    Diabolo String

    Run out of diabolo string? Choose from a range of replacement strings for your diabolo! Buy by the metre or reel.

  • Fire Diabolos

    Fire Diabolos

    Love your Diabolo but also like playing with fire?? Check out our range of fire diabolos!

  • LED Diabolos

    LED Diabolos

    Carry on playing with your Diabolos in the dark. Fit them with ultra bright LED Diabolo Kits!

  • Glow Diabolo

    Glow Diabolo

    We stock a selection of very cool "Glow In The Dark" Diabolos!

  • Diabolo Travel Bags

    Diabolo Travel Bags

    High quality Diabolo bags made by us!

  • Diabolo accessories

    Diabolo accessories

    Tune up your diabolo with LED light kits, weights, larger axels and more..

  • Diabolo DVDs & Books

    Diabolo DVDs & Books

    All the tips and new tricks on the art of Diabolo you will ever need!

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