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Fire Devil Stick Set - 65mm wicks

Fire Devil Stick Set - 65mm wicks

Fire Devil Stick Set - 65mm wicks

This fire Devilstick special offer gift set pack includes:

*1x Fire Devil stick - 65mm fire wicks.
*1x Fibreglass 2mm Silicone control hand stick set.
*1x Travel bag.

This fire devil stick is made from a robust, straight aluminium body which is both strong and lightweight.

We have fitted the ends with over 50cm worth of 65mm wick which will provide enough flames for most players.

The wicks are securely fastened on the shaft with two stainless steel screws and wooden plugs covered with thick aluminium tape have been placed on each end to ensure flames do not travel down the tube.

A black and silver central marker provides a point of reference to ensure you always strike the devil stick where you want.

The clear silicone devil stick handsticks are made from 10mm unbreakable fibreglass and have a 2mm thick silicone covering which ultra grippe and provides a superb fire resistance once worn in!

The devil stick travelling bag is ideal for storing and transporting you devil stick! The entire bag is made from heavy duty and waterproof machine stitched material which feels solid, durable and is designed to last for years!

Fire Devilstick stats: length: 670mm, Tube Diameter 19mm, Weight: 255g, Wicks: 50cm x 65mm

Hand sticks Specification: Length: 45cm, weight: 74g.each. Overall diameter: 14mm

Price: £34.99
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