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Our range of flowersticks has grown over the years to a full range of sticks to suit any level of skill and budget!
The flower sticks we make here in our UK workshop are designed to fulfil everyone’s needs.
From the starter "Eco Sticks" which are made from recycled materials right trough to our Top of the range "Camo" Sticks and "Nirvana" Flower sticks that are fitted with beautiful suede tasselled ends and super strong fibreglass shafts covered with ultra thick silicone allowing for maximum grip & control when spinning!

Products in Flower Sticks

  • FLASH Flower stick

    FLASH Flower stick

  • ART-Deco Flower Sticks

    ART-Deco Flower Sticks

  • "Star" Flower Sticks

  • "Nirvana" Flower Sticks

  • "Commando" Flower Sticks

  • "Moonshine" Glow In The Dark Flowerstick

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