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Luminous Hula Hoop - Glow In The Dark

Luminous Hula Hoop - Glow In The Dark

Luminous Hula Hoop - Glow In The Dark

Flames N Games Hula Hoops

Ultra bright and highly luminescent weighted hula hoops that glow in the dark and under UV black lights.

These large hoops are ideal for older kids and adults and are also great for multiple hula hooping!

The High-Energy glow in the dark tape is the same we use for our practice staffs and devil sticks.

This ultra bright "Glow in the dark" decorative tape has a High-Energy glow of 210 mcd/sq.m (the brightest glow tape around, it even glows in daylight!) and has an ultra long lasting glow of (12h+) with luminescence after 10 min when charged under a light source.

The tape itself is waterproof and has been specifically designed for outdoor use so it can be charged by the sunlight without deteriorating the photoluminecent pigments, like other cheaper glow tapes do.

Once dawn breaks through, the luminescent pigments get charged up again and bring out an amazing green glow colour that will last for a few more hours!

Hula Hoop statistics: Diameter: 100cm, weight: 600g,

Price: £23.95
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