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Henry's Micro - Mini Diabolo Set

Henry's Micro - Mini Diabolo Set

Henry's Micro - Mini Diabolo Set

Henrys Juggling

Henrys have come up with a new mini-diabolo design, which has quickly become very popular among Diabolo players!

This redesigned version of the Micro diabolo has a larger diameter as well as axle size.

Each Diabolo features soft, robust half-shells, CNC-turned aluminum hubs and a galvanized, thin axle allow extreme high-speed running with perfect smoothness.
Henrys manufacturing process ensures the best possible materials making this small Diabolo a real performer.

Although this diabolo is small in size, it is not for the beginner diabolist. Rather, this is a diabolo for those that have mastered the entry-level diabolos.

It has almost the same diameter as the Kolibri-Diabolo but it is much narrower and somewhat lighter. The Micro-Diabolo from Henrys is designed for optimal functionality without any loss of playability. It can be used for every kind of trick in the book and will provide extreme smoothness and will generate speeds of up to 10,000 rpm!

Each Set Includes:
1x Diabolo, 1x Pair of Aluminum Handsticks, String & Belt Strap!

Diabolo Specification:
Diabolo Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Diabolo Size: Small (Tiny)
Axle Type: Fixed
Dimensions: Diameter: 80mm, Width: 62mm, Weight:150g
Manufacturer: Henry's - Germany

Dont Forget!
To play with a diabolo you will need Diabolo Handsticks & Replacement Diabolo String - check out our full range!

Price: £23.5
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