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Kids Hula Hoops (Ultra-Grip/Glitter Deco) 85cm / 20mm

Kids Hula Hoops (Ultra-Grip/Glitter Deco) 85cm / 20mm

Kids Hula Hoops (Ultra-Grip/Glitter Deco) 85cm / 20mm

Flames N Games Hula Hoops

Beautiful medium weight hula hoops made from tough 20mm plastic tube which is extremely durable and provides a good weight.

All our hoops are hand crafted by us in the UK and are covered with high quality tape and a dazzling holographic decoration that picks up and reflects the light.

These 85cm diameter hoops are light enough for kids age 5+ to be able to hoop with, as well as providing a good challenging hooping session for older children and adults too!

Tip: The bigger the person the bigger the hoop needs to be and that is why we recommend the large (100cm) hoops for older kids and adults!

Please note: These hoops are nothing like the cheap and lightweight hoops available in toy shops and super markets!

Hoop specs: Diameter: aprox 80cm / 32", Weight: 400g,

Price: £11
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Kids Hula Hoops (Ultra-Grip/Glitter Deco) 85cm / 20mm

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