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Poi spinning is an amazing hobby, performance art or just a way to exercise, improve your co-ordination, train your body and mind! There are many different types of poi, the most popular ones are the classic fabric tail poi that are made from a weight attached on a string and have long tails at the end to create a number of beautiful patterns in the air.

Once mastered the skills in practice poi spinning their is are many other very popular types of poi like Fire Poi, Glow - LED Poi, Flag Poi and Sock Poi!

REMEMBER! Master your skills with a practice poi before you attempt to play with fire poi!

Categories in Poi Spinning

  • Fabric Tail Poi

    Fabric Tail Poi

    Classic tailed fabric poi for all levels of skill.

  • Sock Poi

    Sock Poi

    Stretchy fabric sock poi.

  • LED Glow Poi

    LED Glow Poi

    Ultra bright multi coloured LED glow poi.

  • Fire Poi

    Fire Poi

    We manufacture a range of high quality, safe & durable fire spinning poi sets ideal for all levels of skill.

  • Flag Poi

    Flag Poi

    Amazing large surface fabric flag poi.

  • Poi DVDs & Books

    Poi DVDs & Books

    All the tips and new tricks on the art of Poi Spinning you will ever need!

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