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Staff, stave or baton spinning and twirling is probably one of the most natural and easily adopted skills in the juggling world to pick up! For most people it only takes a few hours of practice to plot out a performable staff routine, on the other hand, an advanced staff manipulator can do the basic moves at incredible speeds, as well as infinitely more complicated moves.

Once all moves have been mastered with a practice staff the next step up in staff spinning is contact staff manipulation where the performer's hands never make contact with the staff as it rolls, spins and twists around the body. After that there is another two ways to go, one is with multi-coloured LED staffs / Glow in the Dark staffs, or for the daredevils of the sport is by using a fire staff or contact fire staff !

REMEMBER! Master your spinning skills with a practice staff before you attempt to play with fire!

Categories in Staffs

  • Staff Spinning Sets

    Staff Spinning Sets

    We have put together some truly unbeatable deals for decorated practice staffs, glow and fire staffs!

  • Decorated Staffs

    Decorated Staffs

    Beautifully decorated staffs ideal for practice and daytime spinning.

  • Fire Staffs

    Fire Staffs

    We stock a massive range of fire staffs, contact staffs & 3 piece travel staffs in different lengths and wick sizes!

  • Contact Fire Staffs

    Contact Fire Staffs

    Heavy aluminium fire staff designed for spinning, contact moves and manipulation.

  • Travel 3 Part Fire Staffs

    Travel 3 Part Fire Staffs

    Top quality travel fire staffs that break down into 3 pieces for easy transportation!

  • LED Staffs / Glow Staffs

    LED Staffs / Glow Staffs

    Ultra bright "Glow In The Dark" luminous and Led Programmable spinning staffs.

  • Staff Travel Bags

    Staff Travel Bags

    Transport, travelling and storing bags for all your beloved staffs. Practice, glow and fire staffs!

  • Staff DVDs & Books

    Staff DVDs & Books

    All the tips and tricks on Staff spinning you will ever need!

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