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Circus and Juggling Equipment

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  • Balance Circus Props

    Balance Circus Props

    Loads of fun and professional circus balance props!

  • Balloon Modelling

    Balloon Modelling

    A range of modelling balloons of all sizes, hand pumps and books with balloon instructions & tricks!

  • Bar Flair

    Bar Flair

    Simply the best bar flairing bottles & training dvds in the world!

  • Books & DVDs

    Books & DVDs

    Huge range of Books & DVDs on all kinds of Juggling & Circus skills.

  • Devilsticks & Flowesticks

    Devilsticks & Flowesticks

    We manufacture some of the best devil sticks around! From budget to Pro you have a stick for you!

  • Diabolos


    These days Diabolos come in many different sizes and are normally made from some sort of rubber for extra ...

  • Face Painting

    Face Painting

    Face paints, palettes, face painting kits, books & DVDs.

  • Fire Breathing-Eating

    Fire Breathing-Eating

    Fire Breathing Torches & Fire Eating Wands.

  • Fire Fans & Fingers

    Fire Fans & Fingers

    A selection of high quality Fire Fans, Fingers and other fire dancing props.

  • Fire Juggling Equipment

    Fire Juggling Equipment

    Our entire range of fire juggling, spinning and dancing equipment!

  • Flower Sticks

    Flower Sticks

    Beautiful tasselled flower stick juggling sticks in many colours and designs!

  • Footbags / Hacky Sacks

    Footbags / Hacky Sacks

    Check out our range of soft suede hacky sacks and ultra bright LED foot bags!

  • Hula Hoops

    Hula Hoops

    Huge selection of hula hoops from small kids hoops to weighted fitness hoops, collapsible and LED hoola hoops we ...

  • Juggling Balls

    Juggling Balls

    We stock one of the largest collection of juggling balls you will ever see!

  • Juggling Clubs

    Juggling Clubs

    Only the best juggling clubs and torches from the best manufacturers in the world!

  • Juggling Knives

    Juggling Knives

    Mean looking juggling knives with blunt edges and rounded points.

  • Juggling Rings

    Juggling Rings

    Juggling rings of many sizes, colours and styles inc. glow in the dark and LED rings!

  • Juggling Scarves

    Juggling Scarves

    Light juggling scarves, many colours available!

  • Kendama


    Kendama is a great Japanese skill toy! The Royal Kendama is a new competition level model approved by the BKA & The ...

  • Poi Spinning

    Poi Spinning

    Looking for fabric practice poi, fire poi, sock poi or LED poi? WE HAVE IT ALL!

  • Spinning Plates

    Spinning Plates

    High quality "Kid Safe" spinning plates & sticks!

  • Staffs


    A range of daytime practice staffs, fire staffs, contact, glow and LED staffs.

  • Stilts


    Walking stilts: Drywall stilts, Peg stilts and kids balance stilts.

  • Unicycles


    We offer one of the finest and most carefully selected range of unicycles from around the world incl. Nimbus, Kris ...

  • Wicks


    High quality hard wearing Para-Aramid Kevlar fire wick for re-wicking all burners of your fire props!

  • Yo-Yo's


    Full range of Herny's, Duncan & Infinity YoYo's for begginners and pros!

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